San Shou Kickboxing

Our San Shou (San Da) Kickboxing class meets every Friday at 8pm & Wednesday 8.45pm.

San Shou Kickboxing is a great sport, that is safe, exhilarating and fun. San Shou (also known as San Da) Kickboxing is a conventional system of fighting that includes boxing, kicking, leg catches and takedowns. This class is perfect for men and women seeking a form of martial arts training that is competitive and fitness driven. Like any martial art San Da training includes focus pad, kick shield and heavy bag work. San Shou (San Da) kickboxing is very similar to Muay Thai boxing in that the format addresses the most common three ranges of fighting: kicking (long range), punching (mid range) and wrestling (close range).


A typical class consists of a brief fitness and condition workout, wrestling, and pad work drills to warm up. Then progress to towards technique training, and finally sparring at the end of the class. While beginners are always welcome, they are not encouraged to spar straight away. Instead we encourage new students to wait until they are confident with the technique for sparring.

Required Equipment: We will be happy to lend you equipment for your first lesson. However, the following equipment is required for this class: Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps, Gum Shield, Shin and Head Guards (Thigh Guards are optional), as well as a Chest Protector. Please wear shorts and a t-shirt.

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